What they say about KITME

“..For work I live in rented houses that I change several times. We know that rented houses are not accessible for deaf people, for example I do not hear the bell and I am often worried, let’s say that compared to the others, mine is not a complete autonomy .. then KitMe arrived. When I realized that I could position the sensors – without wires I didn’t need nails – and I could easily change them inside the house .. This improved my life a lot..”


Adviser ENS Section Province of Cagliari and Professional Swimmer

“The Paging function is one of the strengths of IntendiMe. I use it all the time, every day. I also find it very useful in the workplace, to warn a deaf person for example during the ring of a fire alarm.”


President Emergenza Sordi, Roma

“Having IntendiMe’s Kit is like having external ears, it alerts me every time someone calls me, I can finally be aware if someone in the other room needs me, it has solved many domestic problems and makes me feel much more present for my family.”


President Association Perché io Segno, Viterbo

“..normally I apply the sensors to the intercom or the doorbell of the house, because I need an alert when someone comes to see me – it can be a postman, or it can be guests – . I need an alert, and now with the KitMe I get a notification through the smartwatch … I want to say that I am satisfied, and that I recommend the KitMe to everyone, because for us deaf it is really, very very useful.”


Teacher LIS

“I collaborate with IntendiMe because in my restaurant, OneSense, the people in the dining room are all deaf and hearing impaired in the kitchen, so they need to communicate. We were using light signals and when the light signal was finally seen we could communicate. As soon as KitMe was proposed to us, we tried it immediately. Some examples: in the room we have three deaf boys: Noemi, Alessia, Lorenzo. The table in the dining room has a sensor and his number is connected to the KitMe application: pressing the sensor, immediately receives the vibrating notification on the smartwatch with the number of the table. It is very useful because it shows that deaf people can do everything, as long as they have the right tools.”


Owner of restaurant OneSense in Rome

“Since I bought KitMe my life has changed a lot because I have a lot more autonomy!”

Antonio Giuseppe

Tester IntendiMe

“Unfortunately, young people are often deprived of the sense of hearing, which leads them to absolute isolation. But thanks to the technology of IntendiMe, these people can continue to live in normality.”


President Anteas

“I recently stayed at the home of deaf friends who had KitMe and at a certain point I saw the friend who got up, opened the door and there was a guest. And I was wondering: how did he do it? And then he explained to me that he was using KitMe.”



“I am a fan of Intendime from the very beginning because I understood immediately it was a brilliant idea. For me it is really strategic and very useful. Then it is very comfortable, it is light, easy to handle, you wear it even at night and you do not feel you have it on your wrist but it gives you the alarm at the right time.”


Consultant di Marketing sorda

“KitMe saved my life: at home it saved me a lot because I have been living with my girlfriend for 10 years now and we can communicate without any problem from different rooms”


Dancer deaf

“One afternoon we were waiting for a boy who was supposed to join us at the Albano house and when he called the intercom all the smartwatches began to vibrate and the boys rushed to the door to welcome him and it was quite an exciting episode for everyone.”


Operator Casa delle Luci