With the right tools everything is more accessible

Accessibility for employees and customers

Find out how Costa dei Fiori’s Hotel allows deaf guests to enjoy their stay without limits and barriers, as fully as for a hearing guest, thanks to KitMe

How IntendiMe allowed employees and customers to interact without barriers in  One Sense’s restaurant in Rome.

The course of accessibility by Unicamente di Consolata Plantone, our tester and part of our team, with Coldiretti Piemonte, where they talked about KitMe regarding accessibility in hospitality.

KitMe promotes autonomy in safety, inclusion and integration even in the workplace.

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We will help you understand how to make your reality more accessible to deaf people, whether employees or customers.

IncludiMe is IntendiMe’s project, aimed at companies from different sectors, to ensure that:

  • deaf employees are able to fully integrate and collaborate efficiently with the rest of the team
  • deaf customers can take full advantage of the services offered by the company

KitMe was originally born to make deaf people feel more autonomous, secure and independent within the walls of their home. But why limit it to the home environment? Why limit accessibility and inclusion?

This is what the deaf who collaborated with IntendiMe in the development of KitMe asked us. Hints and reflections followed by suggestions and ideas for other uses of the product, to break down barriers at home, but also outside the home: even at work and on vacation for example. KitMe was developed for the deaf and with the deaf, for this reason we have taken the feedback, collected during tests and round tables, seriously. Hence the desire to work also with companies to develop a project dedicated to them so that they can have the right tools at their disposal to make the surrounding environment accessible and barrier-free, for everyone.

What IncludiMe offers to companies


How can a deaf person notice when someone is knocking on the door, for example the waiter on the floor in the hotel or a colleague in the office? Or do people who work in noisy environments (e.g. a metallurgical company) perceive the sounds around them?

KitMe is a system for detecting sounds using special sensors that detect the sound source and, through an app specially developed by IntendiMe, sends a personalised notification to the smartwatch (or to the smartphone) with a message, vibration and light signal. Depending on the needs of your company/sector, we will propose the most suitable solution.

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Customer Service

How does the Customer Service work with deaf people?

IntendiMe Customer Service is the first and only one in Italy composed only of deaf and CODA (Children Of Deaf Adults) operators, and truly accessible. It can be available to your reality so that you can provide the same level of service to deaf customers as you tour hearing customers. Find out more about our customer service HERE.

Accessible content for all

How can a deaf person understand what a shop assistant tells him?

For example, if there are FAQs or key messages for your employees/customers, with IntendiMe’s IncludiMe it is possible to create accessible content that communicates effectively to everyone. Most video or audio content is produced for a hearing target and then subtitled or translated into LIS, where “adaptation” involves a loss of completeness and effectiveness of the initial message.


When a person has to deal with a deaf person, he naturally tends to raise the tone of his voice and spell out the words “exageratedly”. This actually does not help either mutual understanding or the deaf person to feel welcomed and at ease.

With IncludiMe, IntendiMe has provided the possibility of doing basic training on how to effectively manage the first contact with a deaf person, understand them better and make them feel accepted right away.


We will help you understand how to make your reality more accessible to deaf people, whether employees or customers.