KitMe is smart, easy and practical and it was designed for people with deafness and hearing problems.

KitMe is a subscription solution which allows to detect sounds, noise and vibration, at the context you prefer (at home, at your workplace or in a hotel) being warned thanks to sensors, smartwatch, App and software entirely developed by Intendime in Italy.

To allow communication between sensors, smartwatch and app, KitMe requires an active subscriprion, to receive updates and new functionality which will be released for KitMe.

Choose the subscription solution most suited for you:

  • pay 12 months of subscription at once with a discount
  • pay monthly

For any doubts or question remember that you can contact our Customer Service, made of deaf people and CODA.

For the deaf, with the deaf

What they say about it:

“I tested KitMe, as deafblind for myself and for others with deafblindness. It has a lot of potential, in addition to the capacity for greater autonomy that it already offers: very useful, advice for both deaf-dumb and deafblind people. Among all the applications stand out: alarm clocks, sensors such as pagers and / or sounds, vibrations (for doorbell, intercom, telephone, household appliances or French windows). All this thanks to the IntendiMe smartwatch that allows greater autonomy, safety, normality“.


Employee, Cagliari

“Having the IntendiMe Kit is like having external ears, it alerts me every time someone calls me, I can finally be aware if someone in the other room needs me, has solved many domestic problems and makes me feel much more present when my family needs me”.


President Association Perché io Segno, Viterbo

sensors x3







99,90 €

KitMe + Activation costs


Annual Subscription

for a year of subscription

Monthly subscription

per month


2 years

Made in Italy

Hight quality, certified.

Secure payments

100% verified

Free shipment

within 3-10 days

What can you do with KitMe?


Detection of sounds

With KitMe you can detect the sounds and vibration of surrounding environments.


Pager function

Pressing the sensor button, the person you are looking for get the alerts on KitMe Smartwatch.


Vibrating Alarm Clock

The alarm clock that makes you vibrate and illuminate KitMe smartwatch to wake up or give you a reminder (for example appointment, things to do, medicines to take).


Unique and Accessible Customer Service

Offers assistance also in  LIS with operator deaf and CODA. 

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